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Masala-Dosa stall was vandalized and threatened by Hindutva clad members in Mathura, UP.

On August 27th a video of some person hackling a masala dosa vendor emerged in which they were trying to vandalize the stall of masala dosa over the issue of its name being Hindu, Shri Nath Dosa Corner, run by a Muslim, Irfan. According to Indian Express (28th August, 2021) report that the eatery is owned by a Hindu, Rahul, who pays Rs. 400 per day to Irfan to run it and is there for more than five years. There had never been such problem in the past. On Wednesday 18th of August 2021 few people come and started arguing over the name of the stall and forcibly removed the banner, they also warned him to remove his eatery from the Vikas market. When the news become viral and attracted criticism from many civil society members, local police administration intervened and lodged an FIR on the compliant of victim against the unknown assailants at the Mathura Kotwali police station. Police investigation still ascertaining the identity of the attackers while some social media influencer shared the screen shots of a hindutva activists, Devraj Pundit, who took responsibility of the event.

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Aug. 27, 2021, 1:21 p.m.

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  • Demolition / Attack on Property
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  • Religious Identity

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Madhya Pradesh,    India