Renovation of Masjid

Renovation of Masjid


Re-construction of Damaged Mosques



The rioters targeted religious places torching and desecrating them. They used gas cylinder and petrol bombs that caused heavy damage to the basic structure of the mosques. Total 16 mosques were substantially or totally ransacked along with some madrasas and maktabs. Many of the attacks occurred in broad daylight. People who live or work close by, Muslim and Hindu, testified that the mosques were attacked by mobs of varying sizes shouting “Jai Shri Ram”. This incident hurt the religious sentiments of the Muslim community as the mosques are very scared places to them.


List of all damaged mosques

S. No.

Name of Mosque/Dargah



Farooqia Masjid

Brijpuri Pulia, Mustafabad, Delhi 110094


Mina Masjid

Bhagirathi Vihar, near Mustafabad, Delhi 110094


Madina Masjid

Gali No. 12-13, Shiv Vihar, Phase 7, Delhi 110093


Tayyeba Masjid

Shiv Vihar, Gaddha Colony, Delhi 110094


Umar Masjid

Lal Bagh Mandi, Shiv Vihar, Delhi 110093


Masjid Maula Bakhsh

D-540, Gali 5, Ashok Nagar, Delhi 110093


Jannati Masjid

Behind Gokulpuri post office, Delhi 110094


Mubarak Masjid

Garhi Mendu near Khajuri, Delhi 110053


Chand Masjid

E-164, Gali 7, Ashok Nagar, Delhi 110093


Fatima Masjid

Gali 3, Khajuri Khas, Delhi 110093


Milan Garden Masjid

Sonia Vihar, Delhi


Ibadat Khana Masjid/Madrasa

Tyre Market, Gokulpuri, Delhi 110094


Azizia Masjid

Gaonri village, Ghonda, Delhi 110053


Masjid Umar Farooq

Ghonda Chowk, Delhi 110053


Auliya Masjid

Shiv Vihar, Delhi 110094


Allah-wali Masjid

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Colony, Karawal Nagar, Delhi 94


Summary of Jamiat’s rehabilitation activities

After assessment of the loss and having received request from the trusties of the mosques, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind has decided to reconstruct them on priority basis looking into their religious consideration. In the phase I, the Jamiat took upon to construct 4 mosques in Shiv Vihar, the most affected region in the riots.

Alhamdullilah, at present, the Jamiat is building 7 mosques. An Ibadatkhana was completed at the Jamiat Tyre market in Gokalpuri North East Delhi and is now open for prayers.


Names of the Mosques being reconstructed by Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind

Name of the Mosque



Estimated Cost

Madina Masjid

Shiv Vihar

Construction underway


Tayyeba Masjid

Shiv Vihar

Construction underway


Auliya Masjid

Shiv Vihar

Construction underway



Jamiat Tyre Market, Gokalpuri

Completed and now open


Meena Masjid

Bhagirathi Vihar, near Mustafabad, Delhi 110094

Construction underway


Masjid Farooquia

Birijpuri Delhi

Construction underway


Masjid Umar Farooque

Ghonda Chowk, Delhi 110053

Construction underway


Aziziya Masjid

Gaonri village, Ghonda, Delhi 110053

Construction underway




Madina Masjid

(Gali No.12/13, Phase-06, Shiv Vihar, Delhi-110094)

Current Pic of Madina Masjid (16-08-2020)

Construction of Madina Masjid is underway on war footing

This 25-year-old Masjid had three floors with an area of 200 square yards. The area has more than 20,000 Muslim residents and 15,000 Hindus.

On 25 February, the rioters came at night and broke open the lock of the Masjid. The goons who attacked the mosque were wearing helmets and were armed with weapons. They were chanting slogans of “Jai Shri Ram”,”Har Har Modi”, “Modiji, kaat do in Mullon ko” (Modiji, cut these Muslims into pieces), “Aaj tumhe Azadi denge” (today we will give you freedom).

They were armed with pointed weapons, gas cylinders, petrol bombs and acids. They were fully equipped and they set ablaze the mosque. The interior of the Masjid has been totally burnt. Pillars of the mosque have been completely damaged. The windows have been shattered and burnt. Copies of the Holy Quran and other religious books were set on fire. The Madrasa attached to the Masjid has also been destroyed.



Tayyeba Masjid

(Gali No.2, Gadha Chowk, Phase-3, Shiv Vihar, Delhi-110094)


Current Pic of Tayyeba Masjid (16-08-2020)

Tayyeba Masjid was constructed in 1992. It is spread over an area of 100 yards and has four floors. It additionally served as a Maktab for nearby children. The area, where it is located, is adjacent to the border of Uttar Pradesh. The Muslim population here is miniscule as compared to Hindus who form the majority. About 300-400 Muslims live here while the number of Hindus is around 10,000. The Muslims residing here are mostly low-wage workers.

Around 2 pm on 25 February, the perpetrators started pelting the mosque with stones. They numbered close to 2500-3000 and were covering their faces. Some of them were wearing helmets. Even though the door of the mosque was locked from inside, the mob managed to enter the building by breaking the door open. They started damaging the mosque immediately after entering inside.

The attackers managed to loot an amount of Rs. 1.5 lakh and thereafter hurled CNG gas cylinders into the mosque to set it ablaze. The masjid was damaged on multiple levels: tiles and walls were broken and many books were burnt.



Auliya Masjid

(Nala Road, Phase 7, Shiv Vihar, Delhi- 110094)


Current Pic of Aulia Masjid (16-08-2020)

It is 50-square-yard mosque comprising four floors. People come here to offer their prayers and there is also a maktab/madrasa for students. This Masjid was constructed in 2007. The area consists of a large Hindu population and some 150 Muslims. Most Muslims belong to labourer class while Hindus are government employees and businessmen.

The Muezzin of this mosque informed that on 25 February 2020, after Maghreb at 6:30 pm, he saw people wearing slippers and helmets attacked on the mosques chanting slogans like “Jai Shri Ram.” They broke open the locks of the Masjid, destroyed the interiors, and set it ablaze. Cylinders which were used to blast and demolish the structure were found inside the Masjid. As a result of the impact, the floors and tiles were broken and electrical equipment was completely destroyed. The Maktab/Madrasa adjacent to the mosque was also damaged.

Damages have been estimated is around Rs. 5 lakh.



(Gokalpuri now Jamiat Tyre Market, Near Metro Station, Gokalpuri, Delhi-110094)

Current Pic of Ibadatkhana, Jamiat Tyre Market