Jamiat Relief

Relief Diaries

By Jamiat relief committee members

Entrusted with Responsibility of Relief and Rehabilitation work

For the Delhi riots victims


Jamiat relief team protects two widow families

North-East Delhi is under grip of horrible communal pogrom. Unfortunately rioting mob wreaked havoc in Ghonda Chowk, near Jafrabad too.  Shahana Begum and Mahmooda Begum are deorani and jethani by relation and both are widows leading a pathetic life. On the fateful night, the rioting mobs have completely looted and plundered their house. Jamiat relief team reached on the spot and rescued them to the safer place. Now they are living in a rented house in Vijaypark. The rent is afforded by Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind. JUH will also construct houses for them for earning the bounty of Allah almighty.

With regards

Hakeemuddin Qasmi & Dawood Ameeni
27 February 2020.



Shahin Begum brought to the JUH relief camp half-fainted

Shahin Begum was living in rented accommodation at Ghonda Chowk Delhi. She has got two daughters. One of them is mentally challenged. Rioters thrashed her so badly that she got seriously injured and turned half fainted. Police personnel took her to Rain Basera. But there were no proper arrangements.  As the Jamiat relief team got this information, it swung into action and took her and her daughters to Jamiat camp. We got her properly treated and arranged rented accommodation for them.

Mohamad Daud Ameeni.

Vice-President, Delhi state JUH

20 March 2020.




Mahboob Bhai released from the police clutch in the late night