Jamiat Seminar




32nd General Session - Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind

Held at Ram Lila Ground New Delhi on May 16, 2015


The faith of a believer is best demonstrated when he speaks out against tyranny and acts with impartiality and justice following the injunction of Holy Quran “Your animosity with any community must not incite you to commit injustice”. A true Muslim must not cow down in fear or overreact when provoked. This is the gist of today’s message. It is the duty of every Muslim rather every citizen to strive fearlessly adopting all constitutional means for the protection of his religion, life, property, honour and constitutional rights. The communal elements both in government and outside have carried out the poisonous campaign as if our religion, culture, constitution and our identity nothing is safe. Fear psychosis is being created. Communal leaders and media continue to provoke Muslim community by their inciting utterances. The government is fully aware of anti-Muslim tirade of these bigots but maintains studied silence. It puts a question mark on the credibility of its popular slogan sabkaa saath sab kaa vikaas. We want the government to respond in action and not in words. The constitution under which election was contested, oath was taken before entry into the parliament and ruling power was obtained, is mocked upon and its dignity is tarnished so much so that our foreign guests sermonise us. We cannot bear such national insult. The communalists are looking for justification for their survival. It is the duty of the Government to take prompt and strong action against such elements. For a living nation, the change of power heralds a new era of development and prosperity. It does not get scared of change but makes best use of the emergent circumstances. The recent transfer of power at the centre is the result of democratic process. A particular party with the help of high profile media campaign was able to convince about the shortcomings of the past government, made high promises and got the mandate. We do not consider it as the victory of Hindu Rashtra or the defeat of secularism. Nevertheless, the communalists want us to believe thus. They want us to co partner in their communal mission. Political power is a passing phenomenon. It comes and goes with equal speed. The ruling power should realise and respect people’s aspirations for development. This country will neither be divided nor break anymore. Time is over for divide and rule policy. Now is the era of reckoning. Politicians shall be held accountable for all their action. Jamiat invites Muslim community and all compatriots to come together to launch effective campaign against communalism paving the way for establishment of peace, security and justice and to ensure religious freedom for every citizen. Anti-terrorism voice raised by Darul Uloom Deoband and Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind has been reverberating across the country. Terrorists are no doubt worst enemy of Muslim, Islam and humanity. It is the firm belief of every true believer. Nevertheless the danger still persists because real culprits have not been identified and punished. Terrorism has no connection with a particular faith. It does not originate in any madarsa, monastery, mosque or temple but has its roots somewhere else. We need a comprehensive and unbiased approach and strategy to root out terrorism. Jamiat invites all Muslims and fellow compatriots to work out effective strategy and action plan to fight out communalism with the help of clear headed citizen and adopt strategy within constitutional framework to root out communal forces from this country, so that all citizens of this country could freely practice their faith. Jamiat invites central as well state governments to come forward against communalism, terrorism, injustice, social inequality, tyranny and provocation and work for the protection of the spirit of the constitution. Muslims have always worked for the national building, and even today it is ready to play its role for the national development. At last let us pledge that “We shall neither cow down in fear nor overreact when provoked”.